Meet Bill Murden

Bill Murden, an accomplished pet and animal photographer in Southeastern and Central Virginia, will capture the personality and beauty of the animals in your life, whether they're playful or peaceful, curious or majestic, dignified or silly. More than a "pet portrait," this is art that will honor the animal that is special to you.

Bill is best known for his environmental photographic style. He enjoys capturing a pet's personality in their natural setting. You are likely to find Bill in chest waders, waist-deep in a pond photographing you and your Labrador retriever in action or your cat holding court on its favorite perch. Bill also has a full service studio in Central Virginia where he does more formal, traditional portraiture using artificial lighting, props and backgrounds.

As you can see, Bill's passion is sporting and working dogs in their environment. Labs, Setters, Pointers and Herding dogs are his favorites, and while dogs and cats make up the majority of his clients, he has also photographed birds, alpacas, llamas, sheep and horses, to name a few.

Ultimately, his goal is to show your pet's connection to you.

In addition to his creative side, Bill knows business. He has devoted over 30 years as a corporate president and CEO, and is a Viet Nam combat veteran. He knows how to give clients superior product value and service. He and Bootsie, his wife, editor in chief, album designer and occasional animal wrangler, divide their time between the Norfolk area and Charlottesville, Va. In addition to two adult children and three grandchildren, two yellow Labrador Retrievers, Maggie & Abby round out the Murden family and Big Bark Photography, LLC.

If you'd like to speak with Bill about setting up a Big Bark Photography session for your special animal friend, contact him by clicking here or by calling 757-235-0100.

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